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Give your customers true independence by signing with a brand that supports an entrepreneurial spirit and encourages them to run their business, their way.

The Clark brand is well-established and has a long history of success. We believe the time-tested strength of our brand will appeal to your customers. We know you need a differentiator, a true competitive benefit that exemplifies how and why Clark stands out from other brands.

Clark gives your customers the ability to manage their business as they see fit without “big oil” looking over their shoulder. We also provide a loyalty program for ongoing consumer engagement and our dynamic new image creates greater visibility and brand awareness. You can be confident that when your customers join the Clark team, they will appreciate and benefit from responsiveness, industry expertise and most importantly, personal attention that the majors do not provide.

Why Choose Clark?

No mystery shoppers.

Major fuel brands come with major rules, and the dealer is left with little control in the management of their store. Clark doesn’t look over the shoulder of the dealer but rather encourages and supports their entrepreneurial spirit. The ability to truly own, operate and run their business, their way is why dealers choose Clark. And you have one less headache!

New Dynamic Clark Image.

Clark has been a trusted, recognizable brand for over 85 years. The recently updated brand image creates greater visibility while still projecting the same values and dependability that Clark has traditionally been known for. Dealers can display this new dynamic image with pride, which conveys confidence to their consumers. Clark helps make the image transition quick and easy.

Loyalty Program.

Clark’s Save Every Mile loyalty program gives your dealers the opportunity to engage with their consumers and create repeat business. The easy-to-use program offers cents-per-gallon discounts and rewards towards in-store purchases. These ongoing promotions strengthen consumer retention and provide the power to compete with big oil.

Business Essentials.

Payment processing– Clark providespayment processing that is supported by PCI and EMV expertise.

Open Market Fuel Purchasing Freedom– Clark gives dealers the ability to keep more of what they earn by providing them the freedom to purchase unbranded rack products through you.

Endless rewards credit card– Dealers can compete more successfully with major fuel companies with Clark’s cobranded endless rewards credit card.

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