Sales Tools

Sales Tools

Clark is your payments processing partner and delivers value to your station. We are a petroleum industry leader—we know your business, your needs and your operations. We offer a complete program for all of your payment processing needs under one Merchant ID per location and one contract. Clark’s program is your One Stop Shop—there is no need to manage several different payment relationships.

With Clark’s Payments Processing Program you get:

Multiple Payments Products

  • Top-tier check acceptance program
  • Gift card program that is inexpensive and works at the pump and inside
  • Acceptance of all major credit, debit, and fleet cards
  • Volume pricing benefits you as a merchant

Competitive and Simple Pricing

  • Charges for only settled transactions
  • NO hidden charges—all fees disclosed
  • One step enrollment for all card types

Settlement and Reporting

  • Detailed daily and monthly reports for all card types
  • One deposit daily for all card types
  • Summary reports broken down by store
  • DTN allows easy import into your accounting software
  • All cards are settled at the same time

Fraud Monitoring Tools

  • Weekly fraud reports delivered directly to you
  • Highlighted transactions show possible fraud

Petroleum Specific Support

  • PCI-compliant hardware and software programs
  • Dedicated customer service representatives with independent petroleum marketers and dealers
  • Additional 24/7 help desk support for credit card processing and communication issues

Contact us today to see why Clark is The Choice of Independents. You can also call 877-GO-CLARK