Clark Crown Fleet Card

Clark Crown Fleet Card

Clark Brands offers a comprehensive fleet sales program to help you tie fleet customers to your store and improve your gallons and inside business. Good fleet customers are already buying some or all of their fuel from you, and introducing these commercial customers to the Clark Crown Fleet Card makes good business sense. A Clark Crown Fleet cardholder remains loyal to your store, increasing your sales.

The sales opportunities are endless!

  • One fleet account equals the value of 10 consumer accounts
  • Fleet drivers spend $0.25 at c-stores for every $1.00 of fuel purchased
  • About 77% of fleet drivers return as customers after work
  • The average fleet fuels more than three times as many vehicles as consumers

Cardholder Features

  • Ability to set driver spending limits
  • Accepted at over 90% of gas stations and 45,000 service locations nationwide
  • Driver ID and odometer required at time of purchase for ultimate security
  • Detailed monthly reporting telling you who bought what, when, where and for how much
  • Online tools easily track driver purchases and vehicle performance
  • Online services allow for the canceling of lost or stolen cards immediately

Cardholder Benefits 

  • Controls business fuel related expenses
  • Increases security
  • Saves bookkeeping time
  • 24/7 customer service

Interested in obtaining a Clark Fleet Credit Card? Apply online or call 888-552-8037 to apply via phone.