Stand-Alone Terminal Bundle Solution

Stand-Alone Terminal Bundle Solution

Bundle Inclusions:

  • Network Fee
  • FD130 IP equipment rental, software maintenance and replacement
  • ControlScan
  • TransArmor Transaction Tokenization
  • Printer Paper

Program Requirements:

  • Stand alone terminals only
  • Terminal must be processing via internet (IP)
  • Boarded with Clark on the First Data Network
  • Complete, pass and attest a new, shorter annual PCI SAQ
  • Achieve, attest, and maintain PCI compliance at all times to retain bundled solution
  • If a location is not compliant, bundle pricing will be removed, and each program will revert to default pricing

Default pricing is the SUM of:

  1. $70 network fee
  2. $9.95 per month PLUS $0.0150 per transaction for TransArmor
  3. $49.95 Terminal Rental Fee
  4. $64.95 ControlScan Annual Fee ($0 for branded)
  5. $14.95/mo. PCI Non-Compliance Fee
  6. $14.95/mo. Vulnerability Scan and SAQ Fee