Clark Brands has partnered with EchoSat to offer the PaySafe™ SPG managed firewall system at all new sites. The PaySafe system next generation network security provides the highest level of protection to help secure your credit card transactions.

Cellular failover will keep you up and running when the internet is not

  • Don’t let an internet failure bring your business down
  • Cellular backup is a faster alternative to traditional analog dial backup

Easy, all-inclusive, direct monthly billing

  • No upfront cost or investment
  • No separate cellular data fees
  • No separate SPG and firewall fees
  • No additional hardware, maintenance updates or set-up charges1

PaySafe satisfies PCI-DSS Level 1 managed firewall and store network security requirements

  • For more information visit the PCI Standards Council site at:

The PaySafe™ SPG managed firewall system includes next generation network security that provides the highest level of protection to help secure your network. PaySafe supports all POS systems including those that are IP-enabled and comes with a lifetime warranty with free replacements2.

Managed Firewall Service

  • Continuous monitoring of your firewall by Echosat’s systems
  • Notifications of changes in your systems
  • Ability to log internet activity
  • Monitors for intrusions and hackers
  • 24/7/365 support center

Easy self-installation

  • Plug and Play hardware
  • Merchant Installation support

To sign up for EchoSat services visit

Note 1: If your POS does not support IP transactions, an SPG box may also be required and while the monthly fee will remain the same, there will be an upfront cost for the SPG box

Note 2: Free equipment replacement does not include shipping costs

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