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Clark is your payments processing partner and delivers value to your store.


Jones-Blair Premium coatings are now available in Clark colors. Enjoy superior color holding capabilities as well as the long life of a Jones-Blair coatings.

When using Jones-Blair coatings Clark stores will realize significant savings over the next several years and the sites will look great. We are delighted to offer this top quality paint for our customers.

Jones-Blair has and continues to support most major branded oil companies along with unbranded locations, and has been very successful for many years. Here is what you can expect from our new partner:

  • Individual price list/order forms are easy to read and include all associated primers, reducers, helpful painting tips, ordering information as well as contact information for technical assistance.
  • Orders may be placed by toll free fax, toll free telephone or email direct to customer service.
  • Orders received by noon Central Time are generally shipped same day and not later than 24 hours from receipt of order.
  • All approved colors are "pre-formulated" so as not to delay orders and assure color consistency from order to order.
  • One stop shopping for all paint colors.
  • Field Application Guide Instructions and Installation Notes are provided for all coatings applications and are available by email, fax or direct mail.
  • Commitment of Continual Improvement: Jones-Blair and Clark welcome your feedback on how we can improve our service and products for the brand image.

We are proud to partner with Jones-Blair to offer the finest coatings for our locations.

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Order Form. (links to

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Paint Field Application guide. (Links to

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Canopy Deck Program Order Form. ( Links to

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Canopy Under Deck Re-Painting specifications. (Links to

Clark is now partnered with Sherwin-Williams Paint Company. The Clark paints are available at Sherwin-Williams nationwide and their Coatings Representatives are available for site visits to assist in any project.

Beyond the specified products and colors for exterior branding, Sherwin-Williams provides a host of niche products for all of your maintenance needs, from Traffic Marking paint to Roof Coatings and Sundries to large equipment.

Click here for exterior specifications. ( Links to

For further information, contact Charles Spentzos at or 630.617.1714.

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