Misc. Partners

Misc. Partners

AllOver Media
Michael Pease

AllOver Media provides revenue opportunities to gas stations by allowing national clients to advertise on pump tops, gas nozzles or station owned ice boxes. You choose what campaigns to run and there is no cost or effort involved for the station. AllOver Media also provides custom signage options to promote your brand or in-store specials.

Federated Insurance
Jack West

As the premiere insurer of petroleum marketers and convenience store operators, Federated Insurance understands the unique needs of your business and your industry. Our specialized commercial insurance program - Petro Shield - reflects input from business owners and their stakeholders.

Clark Brands is excited to offer a solution for processing credit cards for your non-petroleum businesses. Through our strategic partner, TransNational Bank Card Services, you now have one stop for all your credit card needs.

TransNational can provide your other businesses with a unique and simplified merchant processing experience. Like Clark Brands, they offer competitive rates, world-class customer service and innovative value-added solutions to help your maximize growth.

In addition to credit and debit card processing for your non-petroleum businesses, TransNational can offer your other businesses:

  • Payment gateway services
  • POS processing solutions
  • Check verification services
  • Gift/loyalty card programs

All TransNational transactions will be settled directly and paid directly to you by TransNational. A contract between TransNational and each customer/location is required.

To learn more about TransNational and how they can help you, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.


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